History of Tenwek High School

The school is located in Bomet central division of Bomet county, Rift valley province. It is a three- streamed provincial school and is fully boys’ boarding school. It has a population of  767 students and a teaching force of 26 TSC teachers and 27 members of support staff.

The school was started in 1945 by the World Gospel missionaries as an intermediate school and is currently under the sponsorship of the African Gospel Church (AGC). Among those who went through the school when it was intermediate include the late Mr. Samwel Cheruiyot Langat (Former director of KLB). The school was converted to a secondary school and admitted the first boys in 1961.

The first principal was E. Gilger from 1961 – 1968. The current principal is the 9th since 1961. The school mission is “to provide excellent teaching that equips learners with the necessary skills and abilities which will enable them to perform exemplary well in the National examinations as well as exploring new ways of handling emerging issues in the society and their potentials to the fullest.”

Among the old boys include Mr. Mark Bor,the late Dr.Bishop ROno (Bishop AGC Kenya),late Hon. Kipkalya Kones,Ambassader Hon.John Koech Hon.Frankline Bett ,Hon.Joseph Nanok.





K.C.S.E   OVERALL  SUMMARY 1989-2013


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